Our mission is to build community and inspire change by showcasing and celebrating impactful stories of adventure.

We are dedicated to uplifting diverse storytellers and stories that allow us to better understand the world around us.

We are guided by our five founding principles: commitment, respect, humility, purpose, balance.


OUR PARTNERS & DONORS believe in the power of storytelling.
We are incredibly grateful for their support.

Julie Kennedy Visionaries

Summers Moore

Robyn & Tito Liotta

Laura Riegel

Studio 133, Inc. 

Terri & Richard Slivka

Marni & Chris George

Susan & Larry Marx

Jonathan D. and Mark C. Lewis Foundation


Susan Rhea

Brady Foundation


Janet & Arvid Johnson

Ruth & John Ward

Laura Merino & Mark Hardin

Lou Eppelsheimer

SLO Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation

Russell Libby

Roger Hennefeld

Julie Lampton

Julia Moore

Chris Dirkes

Goode-Fischer Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation

The Arches Foundation 

Julie & Michael Kennedy

Friend of 5 Point

Julia & Ted Behar

Michael Brown

Lala Caffarone

Eleanore De Sole

Folwell Family

Barbara Glass

Lauren Graves

Leslie & Patrick Johnson

Candice Kozark

Keile Kropf

Charlie Lozner

Luis Yllanes
Executive Director

Luis Yllanes has spent more than two decades shaping a career in the visual art world. He has worked in multiple capacities through various organizations, including as Chief Operating Officer of the Aspen Art Museum.

Charlie Turnbull
Director of Programming

Charlie Turnbull is a documentary filmmaker with an interest in the American West. His debut feature documentary, The Bikes of Wrath, premiered at 5 Point in 2018. He then joined the organization in 2019.

Christine Helling
Guest Services & Tour Manager

Christine Helling began her career in the Valley as a nurse at the Aspen Animal Hospital. She first volunteered with 5 Point in 2014 and started working for them in 2019. She feels very lucky to be a part of such an incredible team.

Tracy Wilson
Volunteers & Education Manager

Tracy Wilson is a passionate educator and climber who has been involved with 5 Point since its inaugural year. She has been focused on expanding the Dream Project, the festival volunteer program, and other educational initiatives.

Benjamin Hunter
Editor & Technical Manager

Ben Hunter is a cinematographer and editor in the Roaring Fork Valley. He first got involved with 5 Point when he joined the organization in 2017 as an intern, and he's been here ever since.

Aly Sanguily
Festival Operations Manager

Aly Sanguily has been producing and running festivals in the Roaring Fork Valley area since 2011. She joined 5 Point in 2022, and is also the Entertainment Director for Carbondale Mountain Fair.

Keile Kropf
Chris Dirkes
Ryan Burke
Michael Fox
Roger Hennefeld
Derek Johnston
Laura Merino
Summers Moore
Bodhi Dove Stewart
Greg Williams
Tomas Zuccareno

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